is looking for you!

We are actively searching for people continuing our project. If you don't know what we've been doing, let us give you an abstract.

Our project

We were developing a WiFi module for the well known TI Voyage™ 200 calculator, allowing wlan-like communication between the devices. Additionally, it is possible to mount an SD card into the calculator, which you could use as extended (static) memory.

We achieved a lot of it, most of the hardware was working and some of the software was too, but we are all busy with other things. We would still like the project to continue, and thats where we need your help.

If you are interested in hardware and software development with this calculator, please contact us after having read the profiles below.


These are screenshots from a live NetBrows instance.


What we need

On-calc developers

Hardware developers

What you get

First, you need to write us a kind of application, so that we can see that you're serious about it. If you can convince us, you can get the following:

You probably will need to set up a custom website, although we will send you our previous' website backup.

Project state


Target features

Being a file browser, the following featureset is desired for the NetBrows software:

  • Tree visualization of all the entries of the VAT
  • File operations like: Renaming, moving, copying, completed by TI specifics like, locking, archiving and stuff.

Must-have libtirf usage:

  • libtirf *must* be loaded from a separate file (like a DLL or .so) to
    • avoid the file size problem
    • make netbrows usable without libtirf

SD features

  • Tree view of the files and directories on the SD card
  • Copy and move from and to the SD card
  • Renaming, deletion etc. on the SD card

Non-plus-ultra would be the following

  • Discovering and showing of other calcs with NetBrows in the rf and cable network
  • Share management and copying from shares

Additional suggestions

  • An own memory manager, as you will run into problems when many files are displayed. At the moment each file needs an own handle and the TI is limited to 65535 handles from which a lot are already reserved by the OS. Especially the FILE_NODEs will be easily managed by an own memory manager, as they are all same sized.
  • A tsr-hook (data structure seems to be existing (NetBrows.h)) to define hotkeys during normal operation of the calc.

Current status

  • generic and extensible tree view implemented, including reflection of VAT and flash applications (tree.c)
  • some file operations are implemented or at least prepared (fileutil.c)
  • extensible graphical frontend with message loop and various widgets (dlg.c, menu.c, tree.c, mainwnd.c), allows also nested windows (modal)
  • "crash handling" (crashdefend.c)
  • generic clipboard (clipboard.c), which works with the TIOS clipboard
  • settings are saved into a separate variable (file)
  • memory manager is started (heapmgr.c), look what you can get from it
  • probably the one or other feature is implemented too, but I have not touched the project for nearly two years now, so I had to guess form the files what is already done

Current problems

  • I remember slightly that something related to the clipboard and file operations resulted in ugly crashes. That was the point I worked on at last.


Send us an application to one of the following e-mail adresses:

  • Jonas Wielicki (English and German)
  • Ephraim Hahn (English and German)

Please include at least the following information:

  • Your full name and address
  • How you got in contact with the TI and why you want to take part in this project
  • Skills in both software and hardware development
  • Please put NetBrows in the subject of the mail so that we can find application quickly.

Legal note

Responsible for this website is:

Jonas Wielicki
Altplauen 16
01187 Dresden


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